15. November 2017

The annual AGM meeting with Armeen Mazda, Bruce Armstrong and Michael Kramer

at the Hotel Novotel Zurich.



·      Meeting Invitation and Agenda

·      Meeting Feedback


This time we had 23 attendees (plus speakers). 



by Mr. Armeen Mazda:

·      Overview of current situation

·      Details of next PB release - version 2017 R2

·      PB direction/roadmap

·      Q&A


by Mr. Bruce Armstrong:

·      Demo of PB 2017 R2 and PB 2018 key features

·      Migrating to PowerBuilder 2017

·      Continuous Integration with PowerBuilder

·      Migrating PowerBuilder Desktop Apps to 64-bit


by Mr. Michael Kramer:

·      PowerBuilder Ultimate Suite demo 


Winner of the member attendee prize was

·      Pius Mettler: GARMIN Vivosport GPS


AGM Meeting Minutes

Meeting Feedback